Ocumetics Health Sciences Corporation (HSC) is a Canadian company, whose Executive consists primarily of eye doctors who work in conjunction with food scientists to formulate nutritional supplements that protect the integrity of the human eye, the central nervous system and the lining of the GI tract.  Anything that helps conserve or recover the integrity of these structures is of vital interest to Ocumetics HSC.

Ocumetics HSC is a sister company to Ocumetics Technology Corporation, the company that has developed Bionic Lens TM technology.  The Bionic Lens TM is the product of a 10-year scientific investigation that has culminated with the arrival of a highly versatile adaptive lens having a potential to restore un-compromised vision for all age groups and to enhance visual function through a myriad of life changing technologies; global demand being measured by tens of billions of dollars annually.

On November 01, 2018, Ocumetics HSC was inducted as the Executor of the Celebration of Sight Endowment Fund, placing up to 30% of the dividends anticipated through sales of Bionic Lenses TM and other complimentary technologies under its direction.

As Executor of the Endowment Fund, Ocumetics HSC has established the 2020+ Campaign, in conjunction with a Nutrition Subsidy program to help defray the cost of eye care.  These two entities have catalysed the foundation of a refreshing business model whereby the interests of consumers and eye health professionals align, making them co-beneficiaries in accordance with the following core values:      

              -  Foster excellence in vision care/science.

               - Support community services.

               - Cultivate synergy between collegial scientific communities.

               - Administer equitable reward systems for Celebration of Sight advocacy groups.

The financial success of the Bionic Lens TM cannot be guaranteed.  That being said, August 01, 2019 marked a monumental milestone where the construction of the framework of the Bionic Lens was successfully reduced from four to two simple components.  Without compromise to either its function or its versatility, a dramatically simplified manufacturing process has been achieved. Ocumetics Technology Corporation and its affiliates now have a very real potential of realizing their collective ambition of transforming daily life for people around the world through a cohesive and revitalized eye care workforce.

The 2020+ Campaign and the Nutritional Subsidy program are primarily Canadian entities.  The Heritage Fund and a Limited Partnership enterprise, details of which can be accessed through the secure Link at the bottom of the Home Page, constitute a tax-friendly platform whereby doctors and business communities world over can participate in a new paradigm in eye care.





2020+ Campaign

Heritage Fund






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